May 21, 2010

My next project

I am going to preface by saying that no, I do not have an obsession with bags.  Yet.  That might change soon.

Guess what I found online?  A FREE pattern for a bag that's so cute, it's ridonculous.  Which, in case you don't know, is one step above ridiculous. 

The thing is, the maker of the pattern has asked that people like myself don't snag the pics of the bag off of her blog, so I can't post them here.  So you MUST go check them out for yourself!

See, I'm not lying, right?  So cute!

Here's a google search of images of the Buttercup Bag.   More and more and more cuteness!

Do you want to make one?  I want to make one.  Check out the pattern.  Doesn't seem toooooooooo hard, right?  Or am I  just losing my senses because I am blinded by the cuteness (I'm aiming to use the word cute at least a dozen times in this blog post, obviously)?

So I'm thinking . . . I know I have about 1.5 blog readers at this point, but I thought a sew-along might be fun.  You know, we all sew and then show off our amazingness on a future post?  Or should I just do it and then show you the final project so you'll all be jealous?

*tapping mike* Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Hello?

On a totally unrelated note, for the first time since opening, I ordered an ENTIRE fabric collection:  Amy Butler's newest, Love.  That's a big, huge deal for a new business such as mine, so in honor of that, I'll be having a SALE when the entire collection (minus one bolt, apparently, boo) arrives on Monday.  Keep your eyes peeled.  And start picking your favorites now, as I only have one bolt of each:

Love's HEART colorway:Heart 570

Love's SOUL colorway:
Soul 570

Until next time!

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