May 13, 2010

Apron in an Hour

I don't know about you, but I don't usually keep my outfit spic-and-span when I'm cleaning around the house. I have a serious tendency to overflow water onto my pants when I'm loading the dishwasher. I wipe my hands on my jeans when I'm baking. I often lean on the jelly my kids smear on the edge of the counter. I'm sort of a mess.

Enter an apron. I was given an apron for my wedding, but it kind of looks like an old tablecloth sewn in a very frumpy manner. I've worn it, I don't know, twice. In a decade.

I did a little searching online, and found a great tutorial for an Apron in an Hour! It's just what I needed. It's super easy (can you sew a straight line?), really does take just about an hour, and requires only 1 Fat Quarter (main print) + 1/2 yard (ties, etc.)!

Hello, so cute!

Now, technically, if you are a size 2, you can wear it with those ties fashioned into a bow, (as the tutorial shows), thusly:

If you are, um, not size 2, you can use a square knot, like me. Still cute, I think!

I used fabrics from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line. The main fabric is Pop Daisy in Red, and the coordinating fabric is Peonies in Red. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they look together. So cheerful.

There is one thing I'd recommend changing about the pattern. I added topstitching to the bottom of the apron, as well as on all sides of the ties/waistband. That way you can pop it out of the dryer and you don't have to iron it to make it look presentable.

Easy peasy. Got an hour? Give it a try. You'll love it.


  1. First off, anyone who uses the word, 'thusly' rocks my face off :)

    Secondly, this apron is stunning!! so cute!

    I love the mixing of fabrics, I wish I knew the ins and outs of doing that... wanna teach me?


  2. Christy, I LOVE those two fabrics together. And your apron is smashing! Well done. And thanks for the fabric from yoru Etsy shop. I buy all my fabrics through Etsy - you sellers do a great job and have beautiful selections.