August 17, 2010

Crib Sheets

Do you have kids in a crib or a toddler bed?  Yes?  Good.  I have a project for you.  Crib sheets (as if you didn't guess that from the blog title).

I have a friend who's about to give birth to triplet boys.  She made them some darling quilts, but didn't have crib sheets to match, so I decided to learn how to make some.  After all, 3 sheets was still cheaper than a Costco box of diapers, and waaaaaaay cuter (yes, I know it's not a word).

You need 2 yards of fabric per sheet, plus 4 feet of elastic.  I borrowed my mom's serger to finish off the edges, so I'm sure you can imagine my current state of serger envy. 

The bottom line?  CRIB SHEETS = UBER EASY.

Rather than write up a tutorial, I'm going to refer you to the one that I used, which I found at 

Being a dork, I totally forgot to take pictures.  Yep, I'm awesome like that.  But I will give you a peek at the fabric I used.  It's from Riley Blake's All Star line, and I got it from my mom, who also has a fabric store (our family goal is world domination, obviously), Heart and Home Fabrics.  Really cute for little boys.  I promise, in real life the middle fabric is bright red, not pink.


Give it a try!

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  1. Thank You SO MUCH for posting this!!! I Love your fabric...I need some more!