June 4, 2010

New Fabric

I might have gone slightly out of my mind. In a good way, I hope.

As you might imagine, browsing through fabric lines all the time makes me want to order EVERYTHING I lay my eyes on. You probably do that, right?

Anyway, I'm not going to burden you with the details, but the gist is that in the last few days in particular, I've gone a little nuts with ordering.

I met with Moda. I decided to pick up (some of) Kate Spain's Fandango, coming out in August.

My goal was to stick to one line. I'm new, I can't go crazy! But I just couldn't pass on a new MoMo line due out in October, called It's a Hoot. Here, take a look at this ridiculously small hangtag:

Can you tell it's cute? Or will this help?

Probably not. But listen, it's cute. Colorful, fun, all of that and a barrel of monkeys (or owls, I suppose, *hoot*).

Did you think I was done? Cause I'm not. I simply was not able to pass on a killer deal I got on some premade (sewn for you, did you get that?) handbags by Amy Butler. Here's two of the bags that I picked up (I got a few colors of each). 


More on those when they come in.

I also might add that I am already planning on picking up some of  MoMo's Freebird once I officially have access to all of Moda's lines, hopefully early next week.

Somewhat pixelated hangtag:

A quilt that hopefully gives you a better idea of the feel of the line (and it's round!?!?):

Seriously, I am on a roll. So I may as well tell you that if you have not heard about/seen Amy Butler's new line due out this fall, Soul Blossoms, run, don't walk, here.

Then come back and tell me what you think. Really, I want to know, as I personally am a little tiny bit on the fence about it, and wish I'd been able to see it to market. Nevertheless, I ordered the whole thing.

Phew. I'm worn out. And frankly, so is my checkbook.

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